My first blog post

I’d been thinking of starting a blog of my own for quite sometimes now, but my laid back attitude, plus a constantly humming voice at the back of my head, It’s futile girl. Nobody is out there to listen to you. Who are you kidding? stalled any efforts whatsoever in this direction.

But finally I mustered up all the courage and if nobody listens so be it. I would have tried atleast. I’d cry my heart out in the wilderness but I wouldn’t die speechless.

Bol, ke lab azaad hai tere:
Bol, zabaan ab tak teri hai,
Tera sutwan jism hai tera –
Bol, ke jaan ab tak teri hai.

Dekh ke aahangar ki dukaan mein
Tund hai shu’le, surkh hai aahan,
Khulne-lage quflon ke dahane,
Phaila hare k zanjeer ka daaman.

Bol, ye thora waqt bahut hai,
Jism o zabaan ki maut se pahle;
Bol, ke sach zinda hai ab tak –
Bol, jo kuchh kahna hai kah-le!

So, all those people who have a penchant for truth, non-violence, justice and equality for all, are welcome to visit my blog.


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